The weekend worked out reasonably well.  It was certainly chilly in late night/early morning hours.

For example, Sunday's high temperatures didn't do any better than 74 in Atlantic City, Newark, while Trenton only reached 72.

That's below the normal high of 77.  It's not by much, but certainly, it was comfortably cool.

We may have a passing shower today and then not have much this afternoon as these showers may weaken.  There may be just a few leftover passing showers today.

High temperatures today will probably be not better than the low to maybe mid 70s, if that.

It will be much cooler again for the nighttime hours upcoming.  Temperatures will fall into the 40s and perhaps some low to mid 50s along the south coast and in the big cities.

High temperatures Tuesday, with lots of sunshine and a northeast wind, will probably not be out of the mid to upper 60s.  Believe it or not.

Lots of sunshine for Wednesday as we have temperatures that may recover to a shade or a bit above 70 degrees.