How many times can you ask the question and not get the typical coy answer?
Will you run for President?

That’ what he was asked earlier in the day on Friday as he toured one of his favorite spots on the shore – the Seaside boardwalk.

And as expected, he gave the same answer: “It’s something I’m thinking about!”

I think it’s a rhetorical question since as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association, he’s toured a number of states whose primaries are key to any candidate being taken seriously as presidential hopefuls.

Here’s what I find funny.

If you listen to him long enough, especially on our monthly “Ask the Governor” shows, he keeps touting the mantra that this is the job he loves.
That every morning when he gets out of bed, he can’t wait to go to work.

Then, one would wonder, “why leave us now?’

Because, that’s probably been the plan all along – even though I feel we’ve been led to believe he was here for a full 8 years.
So should he run?

"I'm thinking about it," Christie replied, a phrase he would later repeat at least a dozen times to other well-wishers and supporters with the same advice. . .
“. . . I don’t want anyone telling me what I should do or not do and I’m certainly not going to tell Mitt what he should or shouldn’t do,” he said. “He’s got to decide what’s in his mind and in his heart and whatever he decides I’m sure will be the right decision for him.”

And then, of course, he went on from there to criticize the President over a host of issues.

Sure sounds like a candidate to me!

Will he? Definitely
Should he? Why not – unless the Republicans want to go in a different direction and move away from a “moderate” – which is what the Governor – and for that matter Mitt Romney are viewed as.

While this may not weight much in the minds of voters – I still think we’ve been sold a bill of goods – and that the guy we thought would be here to finish the job he started is looking to bounce (no pun intended) just like the last guy who held the office – hoping he’d become Treasury Secretary.

At least there are some things we can be thankful for.