New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will attend a fundraiser for likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt
Romney in New Jersey.

As speculation continues over Christie's standing as a potential running mate for Romney, they'll appear together at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Woodbridge where tickets will go for $2500 according to the Patch of Woodbridge, which also says that not many New Jersey Republicans such as US Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and  Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are all seen as being at the top of Romney's list of potential running mates according to CBS News' Political Hotsheet.

Political speculation is that Christie as the nominee would draw the spotlight, going against the Republican strategy to keep the focus on President Obama.  Romney may not be comfortable with Christie's outspoken nature and conservative Republicans not happy with moderate Romney's likely nomination would not be appeased.

On the other hand, Christie could help boost Romney in Pennsylvania with coverage from the Philadelphia media market. He is also seen as having an appeal to working class voters who are drawn to Christie's personality.