Governor Christie leaves New Jersey for the national Republican stage again today for a Mitt Romney fundraiser as New Jersey Democrats get some out of state help themselves to criticize Christie.

Romney begins a 3-day fundraising campaign at the Grand Hyatt tonight in Manhattan according to the Record. The governor has no official events scheduled for today.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski was joined by Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh for  a press conference call to discuss what New Jersey's Democratic State Committee chairman  called Christie’s embrace of “Romney Economics." Wisniewski describes Christie's campaign  appearance as an "audition" to be Vice President.

He says Christie's focus is not on New Jersey but rather what''s "best for his political party" and his "political reputation. New Jersey voters, says Wisniewski,  "didn’t elect a part-time Governor and we’ve had enough of Governor Christie using his title to launch his own national ambitions.”

Walsh noted that Christie is following in the footsteps of Romney who, as Governor, was out of state numerous times in his one term as Governor of Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe reports Romney was out of state 212 times in 2006, his final term in office.

Listen to the press conference

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The appearance comes just days after a quick trip to Kentucky at which Christie fired up Republicans for today's presidential primary by calling President Obama "the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime."

Walsh, however, said Christie could "learn a thing or two from President Obama" citing what he said was the creation of 4 million jobs over the past 26 months.

The Star Ledger brought attention to the fact that Christie has been away from New Jersey 55 times in the past 8 months. "Governor Christie has a good positive story to tell about New Jersey and leadership," commented  Michael Drewniak about the report. "Any time he can bring that message to a wider audience is positive for New Jersey and perhaps instructive for other leaders."

Townsquare Media NJ Statehouse reporter Kevin McArdle says Christie often points to his position on the Executive Committee of the Republican Governors Association that requires him to help GOP candidates around the country.

He recently made several campaign stops in Wisconsin to campaign for Governor Scott Walker's recall campaign; Walker is also on the Executive Committee.