NEW YORK - "Chris Christie" appeared on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live in the form of Bobby Moynihan.

In a spoof of the game show Family Feud, "Christie" was a member of Team Trump which included Trump's daughter Ivanka played by guest host Margot Robbie. Host Steve Harvey, played by cast member Keenan Thompson, asked the "governor" if Donald Trump was going to appoint him to a cabinet position.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there," Christie responded, quickly regretting his choice of words. "Too easy," "Harvey" said.

During the game, "Christie" had to given a reason people give as to why they are late. "Well I', late because I've been working very hard on behalf of Mr. Donald Trump," responded Moynihan's Christie. When Harvey asked "Christie" why he still supports Trump after he said bad things about him during the presidential primaries, "Christie" said "That's water under the bridge...dang it, Christie!" as he pounded the desk.

During the premiere Alex Baldwin made his first appearance as the resident Donald Trump as the show began its 42nd season. Larry David also appeared as Senator Bernie Sanders.

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