While the state Assembly gathered at the State House to approve a same-sex marriage bill, Governor Christie held a town hall in Morris County reiterating once again that he plans to veto the bill.

Christie told a standing-room only crowd and a woman from Denville who asked if he would "protect marriage" that he is going to veto the bill, the legislature won't be able to override it so the alternative is to put it on the ballot.

"This issue has been on the ballot in 30 other states...and we would be the 31st...so Democrats saying that this doesn't belong on the ballot makes no sense. Its not like I'm coming up with some unprecedented idea."

Christie said he understands that is a contentious and emotional issue. "But same sex marriage advocates that they have the option of putting it to a referendum. "If it ends up on the ballot in November...and the majority of the state approves it, I will implement the law and I will be governed by the will of the people."

Christie said a gay marriage referendum has been on the ballot in 30 other states so Democrats argument that it doesn't belong in the hands is silly. "The fact is Democrats don't trust the people of New Jersey to decide and I do."

"If they decide to go the conventional route and they pass a bill and send it to my desk, it will be vetoed...I've said that before and I'll say it again" said Christie.

He said he doesn't understand why the people of New Jersey can't decide.

"Everyone gets to go into the privacy of the voting booth, make their choice, and whatever way it lands...it lands and I'll live with it."

If you are going to leave it to the process of the legislature and the governor's office, Christie said he will veto it. "I am giving the Democrats 2/5 of the legislature to put it on the ballot...making it really easy for them...all of the Republicans would vote to put it on the ballot. What else do they want me to do go campaign for it?"