NEWARK (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie (R)  is channeling Hollywood in his public push for more cuts to state workers' benefits.


Movie poster for Gov. Christie's video "No Pain, No Gain" (Governor's Office)

The governor's office released a movie trailer Tuesday for a mock summer blockbuster they titled, "No Pain. No Gain."

The trailer features clips of a blustery Christie warning of an impending budget crisis, along with dramatic music and sound effects.

The clips are cut together with scenes of explosions, car chases and even a cameo by action star The Rock.

The release comes ahead the first of a series of summer town hall meetings at which Christie will discuss "the impending fiscal crisis the growing entitlements of pension, health benefits and debt services are causing."

A spokesman for Christie said the video was made in-house and is similar to others the office has produced.

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