Passionate, devoted religion is a good thing, Gov. Chris Christie argued at a town hall in New Hampshire Saturday — just don't try to impose it on others, he said.

Christie advocated for the use of the phrase "radical Islam" — and called out as "baloney" President Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's reluctance to use the term.

"It would be no better if this was radical Catholicism. It would be no better," he said. "If it was radical Budhism, it would be no better."

His campaign released video of the comments Saturday afternoon.

Christie became one of several governors this week who said their states won't accept any of the extra 10,000 Syrian refugees President Barack Obama plans to bring into New Jersey. While it's not clear he'd have any authority to shut them out, he's instructed state agencies not to help with their settlement.

He also made headlines for saying even orphan toddler refugees shouldn't be accepted. Those comments were made following terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 129 and injured more than 252.

And Saturday's comments come after New Jersey Native Anita Datar was found to be among the 20 people killed in a terrorist attack in Mali.

In the New Hampshire speech, Christie continued: "The fact is what these folks are doing is not just bringing violence to the world, which is awful. They want to impose their beliefs on us. That's what this is all about. Don't be kidded by anything else."

"The fight for the free world is to say, 'Have your beliefs. Practice them, fervently, emotionally. A religious world is a good world. People who believe firmly in God, people who believe in their religious beliefs are good, good people. Just don't try to impose them on me. And don't use violence to try to impose them on me.'"