Governor Christie accused the the Senate Judiciary Committee of committing a "disservice to the state" for not approving his nomination of Phillip Kwon to the State Supreme Court during  Monday night's Ask The Governor.

The Committee rejected Kwon's nomination by a 7-6 vote citing concerns about legal issues Kwon’s mother had with a liquor store she owned.

“Not one of them said Phil Kwon was unqualified to be on the Supreme Court,”noted the Governor. “It was awfully unfair. It was a terrible disservice to the state for them to just play politics."

Christie says he does not blame Senate President Steve Sweeney for the defeat. “I’m not laying the blame anywhere but at the feet of the seven people who voted for an admittedly qualified man,” Christie said. “Some of the partisan liberal members of the state Senate who sit on that committee decided they wanted to act in a partisan liberal way. It was a disgrace.”

Christie says he does not yet have another nominee to announce and that Bruce Harris' confirmation hearing will happen in a few weeks.