At his latest town hall meeting - the 23rd this year - Governor Christie got into an argument with a man who accused him of planting questions during his town hall appearances.

The man - who identified himself as a retired teacher, but didn't give his name - told the Governor he wasn't going to give him any "softball" questions - and he then said during a Town Hall that was held last March in Nutley, the second person the Governor called on - who was wearing a white sweater - had been a "plant"- asking about the state's early release program - when Christie spoke for 5 to 7 minutes on the subject.

Extended audio of the exchange: 

The Governor responded by saying "I've done 70 some town hall meetings, I couldn't tell you who the second person was I called on in Nutley, I barely remember being in Nutley, but you obviously have it right in your mind …where did you get that understanding from? Okay… I just answered your question - answer mine."

The retired teacher said his "source" was the woman who was a friend of the person that asked the question - he had overheard part of a conversation she had, and "her name was Candy from Bloomfield- who said she was a friend of yours - so that's the source of my information."

Christie then asked "she said it was a planted question? "

The man said "no- I overheard what was going on."

The Governor replied "I don't even know who Candy is…to say it's a planted question - that means that my staff is telling someone to ask a particular question- correct? And that doesn't happen…you really- in front of this group - with all the important issues that we have going on in this state - you're wasting these people's time - with a question on whether we plant questions in the audience."

As the audience cheered, the retired teacher responded by saying "if it was a planted question, you were wasting time at the town hall meeting!" To which Christie replied "listen, if I planted the question, why the hell did I call on you? Give the microphone back."

The audience yelled and clapped loudly. A burly assistant then retrieved the mike, and the man sat down.