What do you think of the job New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doing? If you're like most New Jersey residents, you probably give him two thumbs up.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

A new Quinnipiac University Poll finds "the highest ever approval rating he's ever had - 74 to 22 - the highest of any New Jersey Governor in the 17 years that Quinnipiac has been measuring the state" according to Poll Director Mickey Carroll.

He says Christie, who's republican, even gets high marks from Garden State democrats. They approve of his job performance 56 to 38 percent, and 48 percent say Christie deserves a second term, while 43 percent believe he does not.

Carroll added when Quinnipiac asked whether voters approve or disapprove of Christie's presumptive opponent, State Senator Barbara Buono, "83 percent of New Jerseyans don't know enough to make a decision for Quinnipiac - this is a pretty good poll for Governor Christie," but "Governor Christie absolutely wipes out Senator Buono 62 to 25 in an early match-up."

But what about the race for president in three years?

When Christie is matched against New York Governor Cuomo in a possible presidential race in 3 years, the survey finds Christie comes out on top, 54 to 36 percent, while former Secretary of State and New York Senator Hillary Clinton tops Christie in a head to head battle, 49 to 45 percent.

Carroll said all told, the numbers for Christie right now are nothing short of awesome.