If Democratic gubernatorial candidate Senator Barbara Buono has any kind of a platform upon which to hammer Governor Christie, it might be his numerous appearances on TV.

She might even be doing this out of jealousy.

Look at all the appearances he’s made in the last year.

A frequent guest on “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough, guest shots on shows like “The Today Show”, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” “The Late Show with David Letterman”, and of course the fleece episode in the wake of Superstorm Sandy on “SNL”…plus the unforgettable commercials touting us being “stronger than the storm” featuring him, Mary Pat, and the 4 kids all enjoying a day at the beach, he being dressed in a tie and dress shirt taking in the sun and sand.

(Weird mode of dress for that venue!)

Compare that to the Senator’s commercials (which you won’t be seeing too may of since the campaign is running low on funds) featuring her high school graduation picture (looking kind of hot); and the shot of her dad the butcher holding up a string of sah-SEECH!

(Sorry, I’m laughing myself silly ‘bout now!)

Looks as though his next appearance will be on the new Michael J. Fox series to debut in the fall on NBC.

Do you feel it’s ok for politicians to act, especially in the midst of an election campaign; and do you feel the Governor is overexposed?

According to this:
Chris Christie assured Jersey voters Tuesday that he isn’t going Hollywood just because he made a cameo on Michael J. Fox’s new show.

Calling the appearance “brief,” Christie said he filmed the segment Monday in New York.

Admitting he had a “good time” in front of the camera, he described how Fox had called him earlier this year to invite the Republican governor to appear on his upcoming NBC sitcom, "The Michael J. Fox Show."

“I’ve been a longtime fan...both as an actor and in his efforts to fight Parkinson’s disease,” Christie said of Fox.

Fox, 52, plays a news anchor, Mike Henry, on the series.

With Christie’s re-election campaign in full swing, he assured residents of the Garden State that he has no acting ambitions to distract him from his political pursuits.

“No chance of me getting my Screen Actors Guild card anytime soon,” Christie said.
Christie added he doesn’t know when the episode will air, only saying it will broadcast sometime this fall.

The series premieres in September.

Personally I like the Governor and most of what he’s accomplished.

And yes, he’s very telegenic. But do you feel, as I do, that it’s getting to the point that we’re seeing too much of him on TV?

And perhaps a career on the tube might be a good choice for him should (very unlikely) he lose the race in November.

I know, pigs have a better chance of flying over the statehouse before that happens.


Oops, didn’t that already happen.