Governor Christie still is not saying for sure whether he'll seek a second term, but during his latest town hall meeting in West Milford, he seemed to be in "campaign" mode, as he reviewed his accomplishments, and talked about his vision for the future.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

"We've cut spending," said Christie, "We've vetoed tax increases, we've taken on tough issues like tenure reform and pension and benefit reform…We've made some friends and we've made some enemies and we've done some very tough things that's given New Jersey some different notoriety around the country."

"The great news is I think that things are getting better in the state, that New Jersey's comeback has begun, it's not done yet by a long stretch, but it's started…You can feel that things are better in our state now than 3 years ago - and you don't need someone to tell you that. You can feel it yourselves in your own families with your neighbors and your friends."

Christie told the crowd as he traveled around the country as U.S. Attorney, three things would be mentioned, "the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Sopranos and god forbid, the Jersey Shore…Now when I travel around the country it's so much different - we're getting talked about much more on the evening news - and the Sunday talk shows…People are talking about the hard decisions that we're making and the leadership that we're providing to the country - New Jersey."

He also said, "With the tough things we've done and the new image we're creating now, for 12 polls in a row, when they've asked people…do you think your state is moving in the right direction, or is it off on the wrong track, fifty three percent of New Jerseyans say that our state is moving in the right direction now…It's about all of you feeling once again like we're in this together - like we're going to fight the things that are wrong and try to fix them."

"There's so many great things about this state, that we shouldn't feel bad about ourselves - we shouldn't feel diminished. Yeah we've got challenges, so does every other state - we've also got lots of great people here…That's why I love being Governor of this state because you've got some of the hardest working, toughest people that you're going to find anyplace in the country right here…What makes New Jersey great is the tradition of New Jersey - is mothers and fathers walking with their children on the same streets that they walked on, going down the Jersey Shore in the summer and walking on those same boardwalks."

He added, "You've given me the greatest honor and privilege that I'll ever have in my life - to be the Governor of the state where you were born and raised."

"I walk into the statehouse every day and shake my head and say, 'how the hell did this happen?'"

Courtesy Governor's Office