Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie brought his "Endless Summer Tax Relief" tour to Mannington Township, where he held his 89th town hall to continue pushing the legislature to act now on a bipartisan tax relief plan.

Democrats want to wait until it's certain the revenue is there to pay for the tax cut and they claim Christie is sending the wrong message.

New Jersey's highest-in-the-nation property taxes are the state's number-one problem and the Governor isn't addressing it according to Assembly Democratic Leader Lou Greenwald.

"The Governor has asked for a number of things to solve property taxes," explains Greenwald. "He said the 'tool kit' would solve the problem. He got his tool kit. He said (public employee) pension and health care (reform) would solve his problem. He got pension and health care. He said (teacher) tenure reform would be the answer to property taxes in the State of New Jersey. He got tenure reform."

While Christie did say the reforms would put downward pressure on property taxes he made it clear the problem wouldn't be solved overnight and he didn't claim the reforms would be the end-all, be-all solution.

"The Governor will move from 30 second sound byte to 30 second sound byte because he needs the media attention like you and I need oxygen," claims Greenwald. "He wants to stand up and speak half-truths. He doesn't want to have a conversation about what it takes to really solve the problem……He wants an artificial stage with paid cheerleaders."

Christie insists the Democrats are "rooting for failure" and says they are the ones standing in the way of your tax relief.

Earlier this week, the Governor bashed Democrats for being giddy about the fact that the state's unemployment rate jumped from 9.6% to 9.8% in July.

He said, "You've never seen a Democrat so excited as you saw them last week when unemployment went up……You couldn't swing a cat by the tail in New Jersey and not hit an excited Democrat."