With a post-Hurricane Sandy recovery phase nearly complete, Governor Christie says it’s now time to focus on rebuilding New Jersey.

Governor's Office

“It will not only be expensive, but it will take time, in some cases months, others years to completely rebuild,” Christie said during a press briefing in Monmouth County.

Christie said he will be working with the Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild the state’s beaches.

“If you look up and down the coast, the beaches that we’re engineered had minimal damage and the others we’re way worse, so that is something we definitely need to take a look at and work with them to make improvements and make the beaches safer.”

Christie said the one thing New Jersey has is resilience and he’s seen it firsthand traveling around the state over the last two weeks.

“There’s a lot of pain and a lot of tears in the eyes of many people, but these same folks are the ones that are standing up and saying ‘we are rebuilding, we are coming back,' and I believe that.”

The Governor said no matter what the shore would be open next summer.

“We are not closing the Jersey shore…it might not look the same as it did before, but we are going to make sure that its open for the people of our state so that they can enjoy it with their children and families.”