With what has generally been accepted as a wildly successful keynote address at the Republican National Convention, Governor Chris Christie heads back to New Jersey with a very full 'to-do' list.

There's also that nagging question of whether or not Christie plans to run for re-election next year.

"I want to be here," Christie said last week to cheers in a bar in Sea Isle City, but for how long does he want to be here? On that question the Governor is non-committal.

Asked when he'll make the decision, Christie says, "Oh, certainly not until after the national election. I mean, you know, first things first. I've got a lot to do with the legislature coming back in the fall. I hope to get some things accomplished with them in the fall."

Working for more shared services among municipalities, closing loopholes in the 2% cap on property tax increases, further reforming education and continuing to push for a tax cut are atop the Governor's agenda.

Christie says, "I'm going to be campaigning for folks, for gubernatorial candidates around the country who are in big races and important races and I'm certainly going to try to continue to help Governor (Mitt) Romney and Congressman (Paul) Ryan so I'll be busy in the fall."

Don't expect Christie to be ready with any big announcement right after the presidential election either.

He told a select group reporters in Sea Isle City, "There's no need for me to make any kind of decision until afterwards and I don't mean, don't let it come when I have the press conference the day after the election and say, 'Have you decided whether you're running for re-election?' I'm going to tell you, 'I don't know.'"