Chris Christie made his guest appearance on NBC's Michael J. Fox Show Thursday night.

New Jersey's real life governor sits down for an interview with Fox's character, Mike Henry, a much loved news anchor who has returned to WNBC after a battle with Parkinson's Disease. Christie says that he find's Henry's story "so inspiring"  that he thinks that he should "make an announcement" regarding speculation about his future.

As Chrsitie is about to make his announcement, he looks over and finds that Henry has nodded off. Henry's assistant comes over and wakes him up; an embarrassed Henry skips over the question and moves on.

The show mirrors Fox's real life battle with Parkinson's Disease and his return to his TV series after making several guest appearances on other shows to determine if he was up to it.

Except for an annoucement in July that Christie would be on the show, NBC has kept his appearance under wraps, not even releasing a publicity photo reports the Bergen Record. It's his first appearance on a fictional series.

Christie will make the rounds of the Sunday news shows with appearances on NBC's Meet The Press, CBS’ Face The Nation, ABC’s This Week, and Fox’s Fox News Sunday.