Governor Christie is expressing concern about the escalating murder rate in Atlantic City.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

A total of 15 homicides have taken place in AC this year, which is close to the all-time record of 18.

He says, "Any loss of life in that way is a real concern - 15 murders are 15 too many, but we are making progress in Atlantic City. If you look at the Tourism District in Atlantic City, I think you're seeing a real improvement in terms of the way it looks and it feels…But there are other parts of the city that have always been difficult - and problematic - and the Tourism District police force is still working and coordinating with the Atlantic City PD to try to get greater progress in the outer parts of the city."

"This is not reflective of the experience that tourists are having when they come to Atlantic City, but it still doesn't make it acceptable. So we have to look at ways to try to make it better…I have grave concerns about the leadership in that city, and I've made that very clear over and over again. The Mayor there has failed - and he's impossible to work with in any kind of significant way."

Nevertheless, Christie says he is not considering expanding casino gambling beyond Atlantic City - to other parts of the Garden State.

"The Senate President and I have made a 5 year commitment to Atlantic City - we're 2 years into our 5 year commitment to Atlantic City. What I have said all along is at the conclusion of that 5-year period I would be willing to take a reexamination of the entire gaming industry in the state. Does it make sense to expand gaming someplace else? How has Atlantic City done with this 5 years of new attention, new finances and new commitment to it?…We're 2 years into a 5-year period, so I'm certainly not going to pre-judge it now. I think we've made some progress, but we're going to have to see."