Sometimes the theory of an eye for an eye fully applies says New Jersey State Senator Bob Singer and that’s the case with Arthur Morgan III according to Singer.

According to prosecutors, last week Morgan tossed a car seat, with his 2-year-old daughter Tiara strapped snugly inside its protective belts, from an overpass into the chilly water of the creek in New Jersey. To ensure that it sank, he had attached a car jack, the heavy metal contraption used to raise a car's chassis to change a flat tire, says to Richard Incremona, Monmouth County's deputy first assistant prosecutor.

Singer has introduced legislation that would reinstate the death penalty in New Jersey for those who murder a child, kill a police officer in the line of duty or commit a terrorist attack that results in fatalities.

The Senator says, "I am well aware that the death penalty will not bring back a murdered child, slain police officer or a victim of terrorism. For certain crimes however, life in prison is just not punishment enough."

New Jersey abolished the death penalty in late 2007.