Join Big Joe Henry, Craig Allen and the rest of the New Jersey 101.5 weekend crew as the music comes out to play.

Vote On Tuesday, New Jersey
Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey. The sign has it right.
This is your chance to decide who will lead us.
Who will represent New Jersey in the Senate?
Congressional candidates are vying for your vote.
County Freeholder seats are up for grabs...
The Woolly Bear Caterpillar and NJ Winter Weather
I've seen a lots of these fuzzy guys making like chickens...crossing the road, lately.
What's up with that?!
It has been said over the years, that the "woolly bear caterpillar" with its 13 segments of black and brown, is a barometer of the coming winter weather...
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Rockwell’ on Halloween
While "Somebody's Watching Me" isn't technically a Halloween song...it can give you Halloween chills...and it does make the "cut" on 1980's-based Halloween song lists!
And, there's more to the song, and its singer, Rockwell, than you think...

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