A 200-foot canopy at the just-closed NJ Transit Dinky station fell onto the tracks on Thursday afternoon.

The Dinky in Princeton following collapse of the canopy (Brian McCarthy, OnScene News)
Response to collapse of canopy at The Dinky in Princeton (Brian McCarthy, On Scene News)

Princeton University says there were no known injuries when the canopy over the platform area of the station, which is fenced off for construction, crashed to the ground around 4:25 p.m. Service from the temporary Princeton station was not disrupted.

One worker initially missing immediately after the collapse according to On Scene News' Brian McCarthy but that worker was later found reports Planet Princeton.

The Princeton Fire Department, Princeton Police Department, the University's Department of Public Safety, and Princeton First Aid and Rescue (PFARS) all responded to the collapse.

The Dinky is a 3-mile rail line that has taken students from the Princeton University campus to the Northeast Corridor line or its equivalent, since 1863. Despite protests from students and alumni The station was closed in August as renovations began to turn the two buildings that make up the station into restaurants as part of a new arts and retail center.

A temporary station is taking students to the Princeton Junction station until a new station is opened in 2014.