Incumbent Gov. Chris Christie and opponent Sen. Barbara Buono are touting their business acumen.

From left to right: NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Gubernatorial Candidate Sen. Barbara Buono

The competitors in this year's governor's race had a rare joint appearance Wednesday before the New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

State Sen. Barbara Buono defended her record as Senate budget chair and says her economic policies won't pit one group against another.

She called for creation of an infrastructure bank and says she would redirect tax incentives so small women- and minority-owned businesses could benefit.

She also took time to jab at Christie's ads depicting her as a clone of former Gov. Jon Corzine, saying the governor is not running against the bearded, vest-wearing ex-governor.

Christie says businesses were overtaxed and overregulated when Democrats were in charge.

The governor says he's cut the state workforce and reigned in state spending during his first term.


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