Nothing can minimize the tragedy of the Baldwin family over the loss of their 15 year old son Lennon in the much publicized story of the young man’s suicide in the wake of a number of bullying episodes carried out by some older classmates.


On May 14, Baldwin’s mother, Sharon Varnelas, was issued letters of “administration ad prosequendum” by the Morris County Surrogate’s Office. The paperwork is necessary for a relative to bring a wrongful death action on behalf of a deceased person’s estate.

In her filing, Varnelas wrote: “The death of said Lennon Varnelas Baldwin was caused by a wrongful act, neglect or default. Sharon Varnelas is suing the Morris School District Board of Ed, teal.”

School district attorney James M. McCreedy declined comment on the filing but said, “Everybody certainly feels very bad.”

He issued a statement that expressed condolences to Baldwin’s family for “an unspeakable tragedy” and said an internal review of what occurred on school grounds is continuing.

A couple of questions here:

Since some of the bullying did happen on school grounds, did anyone at the school level drop the ball on this child being bullied; even despite the victim’s assurances that the bullies were just “horsing around” with him?

I realize that the juveniles in question, despite that “admission”, were suspended for a couple of days from school.

Still, if it’s happening right under their noses, could they have done more?

Last night, during the “Late Show”, I received a call from a young man named “Mason” from Freehold, who revealed to me the bullying he’d undergone while a student at Freehold Boro High. One of the stories he told was how he was assaulted by a group of bullies in front of a gym teacher; and how the teacher stood by and did nothing!

All I could say was how amazing it was that we’d gone from one extreme to the other.

Leading to this question. What good did all the anti-bullying mandates do for young Lennon?

Not much!

So who to sue? If anyone?

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