With 25 days and counting till a balanced state budget must be adopted, Governor Christie is once again pushing and prodding lawmakers to approve several of his proposals – including a tax cut, education reform, and an end to sick pay for public workers.

During his latest town hall meeting in Piscataway, Christie told the crowd “it’s going to be a rough and tumble 25 days – get ready, okay, these are never pretty… people are arguing with each other, there are lots of raised voices, there will be lots of stuff going back and forth… but know that I’m committed to getting the big things done.”

He said “I’m committed to getting you tax relief, I’m committed to getting a budget done on time and balanced for the 3rd year in a row without increasing taxes on anybody in the state of New Jersey,I’m committed to trying to get tenure reform done in the next 25 days, I’m committed to trying to make sure our higher education system is better funded and better organized – so that we can afford more opportunity to the kids in this state to go to college if they want to – in New Jersey – so the seats are available to do that…so we have a bunch of things we have to get done in the next 25 days and we’ll work hard to try and do it…it is often not pretty to watch – so if it comes that time when it’s really just getting to you, avert your eyes – it’ll be over in 25 days!”

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