You know, iconic.

Someone who defines the culture of a generation.

Much the same way Pete Hamill in his book “Why Sinatra Matters” writes of the significance of Sinatra to the pre baby boom generation.

Someone who got them through the tough times of the 30’s, the war years, and the post war baby boom.

An iconic presence.

You might say I took a little heat for that statement!

When I asked the question, you’d have thought I killed the Pope!

I thought, and still think it’s a fair question.

Really, don’t you feel that Bruce’s image and music resonates with most Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers?

Or, are you like me and have this ambivalence when it comes to all things Bruce.

People around here kiss his ass; and while I admittedly like some of his songs; I don't deify the guy.

But according to Keith Spera, the music critic for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, concluded his glowing review of Bruce with "Short of levitating, he could have done no more."

And according to this, twelve songs have been played at every show: "We Take Care of Our Own," "Wrecking Ball," "Death to My Hometown," "My City of Ruins," "Jack of All Trades," "Waitin' on a Sunny Day," "The Rising," "We Are Alive," "Rocky Ground," "Born to Run," "Dancing in the Dark" and Tenth Avenue Freeze-out,"

All but three songs ("This Depression," "You've Got It," "Swallowed Up in the Belly of the Whale") have been played from the "Wrecking Ball" album.

No songs have been played from five albums: "Working on a Dream" (that's a good thing for the most part), "Tunnel of Love" "Human Touch," "Lucky Town" and "Devils & Dust." Only one song ("Radio Nowhere") has been performed from "Magic."

"Glory Days" has only been played once.

As there's some stuff I like, such as “Radio Nowhere” and “Tunnel of Love”, those I would miss had he not played them!

But still, seeing is how tonight will be his last stateside gig until August…here at the Rock; and seeing is how there are plenty of Bruce haters, I decided to ask the question.

How do you view Bruce?

As a rock god?

Or as the “rock god’ portrayed by the dude in the garage in the spook Siri commercial?

Comment as you see fit:

PS, if you're going to the show in "peaceful" Newark, we'll talk about this as you're getting out of Dodge!