This icon turns 100 years old this month.  Can you guess whom or what it is?

Flickr / Conradovolle

It's the Mallomar!

Nabisco started making them in Hoboken way back in 1913.  That was two years before "Ole Blue Eyes", Frank Sinatra was born in the same city.

Back then, a box went for a dime.

In case you've never had the pleasure of eating this delectable cookie, it's a chocolate covered marshmallow with a graham cracker base.

There are a couple of distinctive facts about Mallomars.

They are sold only during the cooler months.  Generally from October through April.  The product is not sold during the warmer months because they melt easily in warm temperatures.  There is no refrigeration in the distribution trucks.

Because of Mallomars limited availability, lots of people build up a stockpile during the early spring so they can enjoy them through the summer.

And, get this.  Mallomars are not sold nationwide.  As a matter of fact, Nabisco says that eighty-five percent of Mallomar sales are in the northeast.

Five months and counting until it's Mallomar stock up time.