The mayor of Newark has told the Washington state Democratic Party convention that the Obama campaign offered some advice as he prepared his Seattle speech -- don't stick your foot in your mouth again.

Cory Booker drew a laugh as part of a warm welcome from his Friday night audience, calling it his "probation speech and joking, '"I think I will never in my life say the word 'nauseated' again."

The Seattle Times reports that Booker's speech touted Obama's record as well as the mayor's take on the Democratic Party's achievements and the need to push hard in the coming election.

He also went off the prepared script as the speech turned into a pep rally of sorts, receiving several standing ovations.

"Let me tell you why I'm a Democrat. This is the party that understands that we the people aren't done yet," he said. "The great thing about this party is ... we are the party of we, not the party of me. We're the party of inclusion, not exclusion."

Booker also addressed gay rights according to Seattle PI. “Number one, as an American, this is an issue of justice and equality,” he said.  “African Americans have a legacy of being denied equality.  We are obligated in that we remember the justice denied to our community.  You cannot have justice denied for any Americans.”

As a “straight, male African-American,” said Booker, he looks on the issue through the prism of history.

He also touched on the Washington governor's race, this week's fatal shootings in Seattle and Newark's own experience with violence.

Booker earlier drew flak from fellow Democrats for criticizing President Barack Obama's campaign. In a May 20 appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" he described as "nauseating" attack ads against Bain Capital. That's the private equity firm once run by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Booker backed off the remarks in a YouTube video, saying he was just expressing frustration with negative campaigning.

The socially-network savvy Mayor got good reviews on Twitter. "Most inspiring speech I've heard in person," tweeted user #wademcon.  #Linda_adams663"  tweeted that Booker's address was a "truly inspirational speech. Thx 4 firing up WA dems."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.