The switchboard at Lakewood Police headquarters has been lighting up like a Christmas tree during the last 24 hours. A black bear sighting has left residents concerned.

Usually, we see bears in the northern part of the state or near wooded areas. This black bear cub was spotted at various points in the Township and even in neighboring Howell and Jackson.

The Lakewood Police Department confirms to WOBM News that it was last seen at Kennedy Boulevard near County Line Road and headed for the woods at North Lake Drive.

While black bear attacks are extremely rare, everyone is urged to remain calm if they see one. According to police, there were a number of calls in the area of Teaberry Court and Martin Street. Authorities believe there's only one bear roaming around given the description from each of the callers.


If you do spot a bear, be sure to call the state Department of Environmental Protection's 24 hour hotline at 1-877-WARN-DEP. contributed to this report.

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