New Jersey residents and officials in some locations running into long lines, technical problems and overwhelming vote tallies as Election Day progressed Tuesday.

Don't you know who I am ?

The mayor of Hoboken was outraged after she was asked to present her ID at her polling place today.

Dawn Zimmer tweeted: "This is not ok Hudson County Board of Elections!"

In New Jersey, voters who have voted before do not have to show ID.


Burlington County breakdown

Election officials in Burlington County say that a printing error will force it to hand count most of the more than 19,000 mail-in ballots submitted.

Board of Election Chairman Joseph Dugan told the Burlington County Times that dozens of workers are now performing a hand count of the mail-in ballots.

He says that the error was discovered Tuesday morning and that there is no guarantee that all the ballots will be counted by Tuesday night. Officials say the more than 19,000 ballots returned as of Tuesday morning is a new record for the county. Ballots can be submitted until polls close at 8 p.m.

Voters in the county are choosing a sheriff, surrogate and freeholders. Republicans won freeholder seats by a margin of less than 2,000 votes last year.

— Associated Press

Traffic issues:

The Port Authority is urging motorists to avoid the Lincoln Tunnel on Tuesday afternoon and evening because of planned election events at Trump headquarters in Midtown and at Clinton headquarters on Manhattan's West Side.

— Associated Press

Huge lines in Jersey City:

It took more than an hour before people could vote in Ward F, District 6 at County Prep High School in Jersey City because someone brought the wrong keys for the voting machines. Some people were waiting hours to vote at some polls in Jersey City in the early afternoon.

Hudson County deputy superintendent of elections John Brzozowski says that's because more people are voting and it's taking poll workers longer to process them. He also says the ballot is longer and voters are taking their time once their behind the curtain.

He says the county started out with 500 voting machines for 450 districts. His office has added another 13 machines to try to offset the volume of voters.

He says the Jersey City districts with the longest waits are near high-rise apartment buildings.

Meanwhile Burlington County election officials say that a printing error will force them to hand count most of the more than 19,000 mail-in ballots submitted. The error was discovered Tuesday morning and there is no guarantee that all the ballots will be counted by Tuesday night.

— Associated Press

Mail-in ballots:

Hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents cast their vote for president this year without even stepping foot into a polling place.

As of last Thursday, according to Middlesex County Board of Elections Administrator Jim Vokral, the county received approximately 32,000 mail-in ballots from residents. That’s compared to the 18,400 in the 2012 presidential election. And ballots can still be received up until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

More dispatches from the polls:

Jeff Deminski, around noon: At a polling place in Hillsborough they were quite serious about no selfies in the voting booth. The lady behind me was sternly warned to put her cell phone away.

Listener Jane Devane, around noon: Just realized that I was duped into voting yes on the gas tax question. I have just about had it with these slime buckets and I would be happy to volunteer my time to have this question thrown out if it passes.

Townsquare Media's Erin Vogt: First time I've ever waited to vote in Marlboro, Monmouth County. Poll worker said there was a line before it opened at 6 a,m. Working well, definitely some first-time voters at this site.

Patrick Lavery, mid-morning: Just got done voting in Raritan Twp. Well-staffed ... lines definitely starting to clear out at this time of the day. I would say if you can get to your polling place now, do it.

New Jersey 101.5 Market President Ron DeCastro votes with his children (Courtesy of Ron DeCastro)

NJ 101.5 Market President Ron DeCastro: I got there (to a polling place in Bergen County) at 6:01 a.m. Had three people in front of me.

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