Summer's here, temperatures are sizzling and more people are cooling off in the pool, at the lake or in the ocean. Here's our list of the best pool toys and games out there to keep you entertained in the water. 

Corn Hole Pool Game

Bring your favorite summer time game into the water with this floating corn hole pool toy. The game is more challenging when the board is floating.

The game comes with one board and several bean bags.

What will it cost you? $32

Inflatable water wheel

This fun pool float will keep kids entertained for hours. The wheel-shaped float is made of heavy-duty vinyl construction and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

What will is cost you? $60

Mermaid Swim Fin

What girl doesn't dream of being a mermaid? This fun mermaid swim fin is made of lightweight, soft plastic that attaches to feet with straps. Comes in pink or purple. Available in shoe sizes 1 to 7.

What will it cost? $35

Floating playing cards/ Black Jack table

Take your favorite card games to the pool with these waterproof, floating playing cards.

What will it cost you? $13

Or upgrade and turn your pool into a casino with this 2-foot-long floating Black Jack card table.

This pool game is pricier but it comes with waterproof cards and 320 betting chips for the high rollers.

What will it cost you? $70


Sea-Saw Water Rocker

This bright inflatable pool float brings an element of the playground to the pool.  The float has handles for riders to hang onto as they see-saw on the float. The pool toy stands 43 inches tall.

What will it cost you? $70

Subskate underwater skateboards

This underwater skateboard can turn your pool into a skate park minus the scraped knees or elbows.

Use it in the pool, in the lake or the ocean.

It's available in multiple colors.

What will it cost you? $15

Log Flume Jousting Kit

Let the kids battle it out for glory with this inflatable log flume jousting kit for the pool.

It comes with two inflatable logs and two inflatable boppers.

What will it cost you? $20


Starfighter Inflatable Squirter

This out-of-this-world pool toy is almost 50 inches tall with a built-in water gun that pulls water from the pool for an endless supply of ammo. The Starfighter Inflatable Squirter has a weight limit of 160 pounds so it's for kids only.

What will it cost you? $40


LiquidDoodle Pool Pen

Submerge this LiquiDoodle Pool Pen in the water and it will store the water as "ink" so kids can use it to draw around the pool or on sidewalks.

The drawings fade and disappear without a trace as the water dries.

What will it cost you? $10