Tim Tebow had his press conference today to officially announce his arrival to the New York Jets.  New Jersey will surely be engulfed in Tebowmania for at least the next year while Tebow gets acclimated to life in the Tri-state area.  However, there is something about Tim Tebow, that may be useful for New Jersey parents to know.

Tim Tebow was home schooled.  In fact, Tim Tebow was featured on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" program, which aired an episode on home schooler's access to high school athletics.  There is also a proposed 'Tim Tebow Law' that would give home schooled athletes in the state of Virginia the same opportunities to participate in public school sports.

With the stigma of being a home schooled child starting to dissipate and a positive role model like Tim Tebow leading by example, is it time for more parents in New Jersey to start considering home schooling?  The debate continues in Trenton over the best way to educate the children of New Jersey, maybe the answer is with home schooling.

Have you considered or would you consider home schooling your children? Leave your comments below.