Recently a billboard urging newly graduated college students to find a “sugar daddy” instead of a summer job came down in Atlantic City.

Sin City of the East hosting another controversial billboard? Who’da thunk?

But this one evoked the ire of the residents of the neighborhood where it was being displayed to such an extent that the landlord of the building where it was being displayed thought best to have it taken down.

Promoting ‘putanns’ is all they’re doing.

According to this:
The ad for, a subsidiary of Toronto-based Avid Life Media, featured porn star Bree Olsen and was posted on the north-facing wall of Manhattan Cleaners & Tailors on Atlantic Avenue near North Mississippi Avenue.

It read, “Hey Students. Need a summer job? Date a Sugar Daddy.”

Matt Ingegneri, owner of the cleaners, said they received many angry calls about the content and asked the company to take it down.

“We didn't want to make any enemies,” Ingegneri said.

The website's billboards have spread controversy in practically every city where they have existed, including Philadelphia, Chicago and Phoenix.

The billboard on I-95 in Philadelphia read, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery,” with the word “not” crossed out.

In May, a spokesman for told The Press of Atlantic City that the more people get riled up about the ads, the more members join the site.

The spokesman also said the ad was supposed to stay up until mid-September. He could not be reached immediately on Tuesday.

Problem is this:
There are so many messages around us today that promote sex in so many different ways and situations.

Trust me on this: I’m no prude.

But with the proliferation of tv shows, messages in songs and the like; do you feel one more medium is going to send us on the path to perdition, or is taking it down the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” where people say “enough is enough!”

Atlantic City has so many more issues with its image. Why give it another?