Some Atlantic City hotel room rates have been dropping in late winter. Critics of the marketing strategy fear it may give the resort a, "bargain basement" aura.

One offer is for a mid-week room for $19 a night.

That's a great deal if you like bargains and gambling. But critics fear it cheapens Atlantic City's image.

Casino and tourism expert Israel Posner of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey disagrees. Posner cites similar offers. he says, "you can go to Las Vegas...midweek...along the a reasonably nice casino/hotel, and you will get rooms right now, for 25 dollars, 30 dollars, 35 dollars."

Posner says it may be a given the casino or hotel loses money on a room rate that low. But if they can lure a customer to Atlantic City to spend a lot more on gambling and shopping, it's worth it.