Live from the Jim Gearhart Broadcast Facility somewhere in the wilds of the Garden State, it’s me – Ray Rossi, the Jersey Guy –merely a guy with a microphone, transmitter, and internet connection – filling in for Steve tonight.

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Good story for the New Year: as folks go out to party and drink – are you sober and what convinced you to get sober? Do you feel out of place when friends drink and you don’t?

1) The N.J. minimum wage goes up as of Jan. 1. An advocacy group says upcoming minimum wage increase is not enough. How do you get by on minimum wage? Should the federal minimum wage be increased to $10.10 an hour?

2) Props to the cops: Rookie Port Authority police officers stop woman from jumping off George Washington Bridge – when has a cop ever done you a solid?

3) Have you ever been hit on by a member of the same sex and how did you react? Do you believe the “gay panic” murder defense should be banned?

4) How did you get engaged? A couple of N.J. State Police troopers get engaged at Giants-Eagles game.

5) A story we have online at suggests that more women in New Jersey are learning to shoot a gun – have you?

6) N.J. lawmaker wants high school students to take the citizenship civics test – good idea or not?

7) A poll shows that Half of Americans Don't Want Their Sons Playing Football. I feel football’s popularity will start to decline in 20 years. What say you?

8) Your vote for the best TV show of 2014.

9) Which TV shows would you binge watch?

Here’s tonight’s poll question: