Wednesday night at 7 p.m., Gov. Chris Christie returned to the New Jersey 101.5 studio for "Ask the Governor," hosted by Eric Scott.

One word came up time and time again: Taxes.

Just Tuesday, the governor proposed a massive rethinking of the state's approach to school aid — equal aid for every regular-education student, whether those children are in the state's poorest districts or not. Officials estimate it would lead to property tax relief in about 75 percent of school systems, pulling away a lot of the money currently going to urban communities.

During last month's Ask the Governor program, Christie teased a plan for property tax relief ... but wouldn't announce it. Now that it's announced, we asked him to make the argument for it.

And legislators are now proposing an estimated 23-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase (though it could ultimately be far more) to pay for New Jersey's roads and bridges. Christie has long said he'd only consider such an increase in the context of "tax fairness" (i.e. tradeoff tax cuts) and has expressed skepticism about versions of this plan.

He's still not convinced.

We've wrapped up officialls, but you can also jump into the live chat and leave your comments here:

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