If your co-workers do things that annoy you at the office, you are certainly not alone. In fact, most New Jerseyans say they are bothered by a wide variety of on-the-job behaviors ranging from talking too loud on cell phones to rudeness.

A look at some annoying work habits. (ThinkStock)

Here's what some shoppers in Mercer County said were among the most annoying behaviors by their co-workers:

  • Anonymous shopper: "Microwaving the meals and then the whole office smells like it, you know the smell just makes you a little nauseated or just overwhelming. It just makes you want to walk away but there's not too far to go."
  • Sally from Hamilton: "I work on the road most of the time and I don't like when I walk into an office and they have CNN or a news outlet on all the time, especially in a medical setting, I wish that they would switch it up once in a while."
  • Anonymous shopper: "I find it annoying when people are being arrogant and thinking too much of themselves, that's what drives me crazy."
  • Anonymous shopper: "When they're asking a question that seems totally off-base, especially if I'm giving a presentation, when a question just comes out of nowhere, and I just wonder if they were hearing anything that I said."
  • Michelle from Princeton: "I guess rudeness, I don't work with that many rude people, but when people aren't friendly or don't say thank you, that's a pet peeve of mine."
  • Anonymous shopper: "Every now and again there's someone that does chew loudly in the break room and I'm very sensitive to sound, so I do find that when someone chews with their mouth open, that's a little annoying, a little irksome."
  • Lawrenceville woman: "How they kept the refrigerator with all the bottles of salad dressing and how dirty it was, and the microwave."
  • Alice from Trenton: "When co-workers really didn't give 100 percent, everybody else is doing a hundred percent and then you have a few slackers wherever you go, that really disturbs everybody in the work environment. The thing for me is when people don't do their share of the work."
  • Anonymous shopper: "There are many answers, but you know what, you're dealing with people, you'll always have problems, you have to adjust, you just have to accept people as they are."