Now that it's summer, many Garden state companies are relaxing their dress-code rules, especially on Fridays, and in some cases that can lead to trouble, with employees showing too much skin because they're wearing inappropriate attire.

Phil Kirschner, the President of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, says many of these firms wind up telling workers, "Look, you can dress casually, but we're not talking about any midriff showing, or halter tops or shorts…And men may be told that a regular golf shirt is okay, but not a tee shirt or a sleeveless muscle shirt, where they're showing off their abs…Folks are told to maintain a professional appearance, but they can still be comfortable."

He says sometimes younger employees, especially the lean, good looking ones, may push the envelope, and not surprisingly "there are a lot of companies that adopt a dress code cause it is hard to know- different people have different ideas of what is appropriate and what is not…It's still a business...There is a level of dress that you have to maintain whether or not you see customers…And there are some companies that - they will send employees home and tell them to come back in more appropriate attire."

Kirschner adds at the other end of the spectrum, some companies have to deal with the nerdy goofball type "who doesn't feel right in casual attire, and always dresses in a suit and tie…Hopefully there's a happy medium."