Mitt Romney's wife says she had a "real scare" from a "little bitty" flare-up of her multiple sclerosis during the spring.

Ann Romney told NBC's "Rock Center" on Thursday that it was the result of the stress and strain of her husband's political campaign.

Romney said it was "just a reminder" that she can't keep up the pace.

The flare-up occurred in March during the primaries. Mrs. Romney she started feeling tingling and a little bit of numbness coming back, and started getting dizzy. She says she didn't tell anyone at the time because she didn't want to have anyone worry about her, especially her husband.

Mrs. Romney was diagnosed in 1998 with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. Her condition has been in remission since she received a year of aggressive treatments of intravenous steroids. But flare-ups can occur under constant stress — the kind a national political campaign can create.

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