New Jersey actually has an “Animal House” law that holds property owners responsible for offending behavior by letting towns enact ordinances to require posting bond against disorderly behavior. A bill sponsored by State Senator Steve Oroho adds rooming and boarding houses to the state’s existing statute. The measure was drafted in response to several problems in the town of Newton.

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“Our communities deserve and expect a certain level of decency and cooperation from operators of shared housing complexes,” says Oroho. “Hearing from both town officials as well as the residents living near these boarding homes, we realized greater enforcement powers are needed to rein in delinquent owners of such properties.”

The legislation to clamp down on absentee owners of rooming and boarding houses was passed today by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee.

“By giving towns an additional enforcement tool against a bad actor,” explains Oroho, “We can help curb disruptive behavior and maintain the positive character of a neighborhood and improve resident’s quality of life. ”