Rutgers graduate Andy Sisti has called for supporters of Tim Pernetti to take steps to reinstate him as Athletic Director.

Ad by Andy Sisti in the Rutgers student newspaper, The Daily Targum (Lockerz)

The graduate of the Class of 1976 took an ad out in the student newspaper Daily Targum today and urged supporters to flood university President Robert Barchi and the Board of Directors with phone calls and to join a rally at at he school's annual spring football game on April 27.

"Let's show Tim and the Rutgers administration that we want a great program, not just a good program, by having 30,000 Rutgers supporters gathered in a responsible manner," wrote the Sisti.

Pernetti's Own Ad

Pernetti took also has an ad thanking all for their support during his tenure. "I thank you for your support and will miss each of you," the letter read. "My entire family and I will always be here for Rutgers and you."