A story out of the NY Post about "Today" show meteorologist Al Roker painted a different picture of Roker than he normally shows on TV.  Reportedly, Roker would not get up and move to a different seat on an American Airlines flight so Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen could sit next to his wife.  Could it be that Al Roker isn't as nice as he seems on TV?

On Monday's show, a few listeners called in with personal stories suggesting that Roker isn't as friendly as he makes him self seem on "Today".  However, another listener also added that Roker has appeared with the famous children's group the Wiggles.  Check out the video below of Al Roker performing with the Wiggles.

After watching the video above and seeing Al Roker on "Today", he sure does give out a friendly vibe. Vote below and tell us what you think.