A Trenton drug raid ended up like a scene from "The Crocodile Hunter" on this episode of "Just One More Thing."


Here are a few things you can expect to find in Trenton: "hardworking" politicians, a minor league baseball team, and--oh yeah--crocodiles.

Don't believe it? Neither could Dennis or Dena. Check out what happened when police busted five homes for an assortment of drugs, weapons, a car, and a small crocodile.

This incredible drug raid left them both astonished. Do all drug dealers own reptiles or did the owners just think it was a cool pet to have? How does one even obtain that kind of animal? Did the owners cuddle with it?

Dennis and Dena react to this incredible situation as well as relay some stories of their own on this episode of "Just One More Thing."

(Warning: There's some colorful language in the video below.)