Highest temperatures Thursday reached 78 in Newark Liberty Airport, 76 in Trenton, and 74 in Wrightstown, Burlington County and Atlantic City.  The normal high, again, is about 80 or 81.

Well, today we are looking for lots of sunshine with a few highs near 80.  If not 80, we will be approaching it, but it will be cooler at the beaches.  There were, at least, be a moderate rip current advisory for the ocean.  There's still some leftover swells and northeast winds that have produced that situation.

Tonight will be clear with a few lows from 50 to 55, but low 60s in the big cities and along the coast.  Lots of sunshine on Saturday with temperatures approaching 80 again, but still cooler near the ocean.

And, a system coming in from the West may produce some clouds, possibly Sunday.  So, I said partly sunny with highs back in the 70s, so a bit cooler and a bit cooler still Sunday at the beaches.

Have a good weekend!