A retired New York firefighter who was critically injured on 9/11 says it's been "a long ordeal" leading
up to this week's pretrial hearings for five men charged in the terrorist attacks.


Timothy A. Clary-Pool, Getty Images


Robert Reeg spoke Monday at the Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn.

He was among the 9/11 families and responders watching the Cuba proceedings via closed-circuit television in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

He says those attending "want justice."

The suspects include the self-professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Reeg says he'd felt "mentally waterboarded" since a 2009 decision to drop earlier military-commission charges. Congress then blocked civilian trials amid opposition to bringing the defendants to U.S. soil.

The public can watch the proceedings at Fort Meade, in Maryland.

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