A 4-year-old boy had been discovered in a Union apartment was only wearing one sneaker when police arrived yesterday.

Union Township Police released additional details about the boy who was inside the apartment with his mother, identified as 38-year-old Kiana Workman. Her body was so badly decomposed that an autopsy will not be performed until Thursday.

The boy was described as "very small and thin" by police who tell the Star-Ledger that the apartment at the Mill Run in Union was very hot when they arrived.

They kicked the door open and removed the boy from the apartment. Neighbors had been complaining about a strong odor.

The boy was discovered emancipated and dehydrated according to WNBC TV which says that a maintenance man was checking on the strong smell coming from the second floor apartment at the Manor Run Apartments when he saw the boy inside through a chained door.

The boy, who couldn't open the refrigerator door because he wasn't strong enough according to police, rubbed his mother's body with lotion in hopes she would be "healed." He is hospitalized in University Hospital in stable condition.

The unidentified mother is believed to have died of natural causes and had been deceased for five or six days reports WNBC TV.

A grandmother who recently broke two hips and was moved out of the apartment lives in a nearby nursing home and had tried unsuccessfully to reach her daughter. The mother's brother lives in Brooklyn according to Union Township police director Daniel Zieser.