Two police officers are hurt after a four-vehicle accident in Beachwood.


Accident involving two police cruisers on Route 9 in Beachwood (6 ABC)

Pine Beach Mayor Lawrence Cuneo tells the Riverside Signal a drunk driver ran into two stopped police cars from behind along Route 9 late Friday night in front of the old Beachwood Shopping Center.

The impact pushed a cruiser with officer Rob King inside into a cruiser with officer Jesse Urban who was knocked out of the car and onto the pavement. 

The Ashbury Park Press reports the accident involved two police cars, a minivan and a fourth Friday night. Authorities tell the newspaper the two officers' injuries aren't believed to be life threatening. King was hospitalized for a concussion and released while Urban was treated overnight for broken ribs, a concussion and numerous scapes and cuts said Cuneo.

"Our entire Pine Beach family extends our thoughts and prayers to the officers and their family," the mayor told the Riverside Signal.

Several ambulances were at the scene and two helicopters had been called to take some of the injured to hospitals. Route 9 between Pine Beach and Toms River was closed due to the accident for several hours.


The Associated Press contributed to this report