Written by: Jay Black

A lot of people who hear me on the radio or the podcast assume that while I might be noted “local comedian” (thanks Jessica Nutt!), I couldn’t have been a good high school teacher. And for the most part you’d be right - there are, however, a *few* success stories from the seven years I spent as a New Jersey public school teacher. I count Charles and Lauren Kuski among the very best of my former students. (Of course I know that their success has nothing to do with me, but allow me the fantasy won’t you!?)

Charles spent time as a teenage comedian and he and his wife Lauren (high school sweethearts and still actually in love - MIRACLES HAPPEN!) have gone on to work at Rowan University as activities advisors. They join us to talk about what it’s like to book entertainment for today’s college kids and how to succeed tremendously in life despite having had someone like me in your life during your formative years. They’re delightful and hilarious and make for another great episode of Speaking Millennial!


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