Politics, the media and education are all controlled by the left in this state and in most of the Northeastern part of our country.

If you have a conservative opinion or a traditional point of view you are deemed evil and not worthy of being heard in the public square whether it's about social or political issues.

We live in very dangerous times where just a few people control the conversation and punish those for having a different point of view.

Most people who’ve lived long enough don’t recognize our country as the one we grew up in.

Freedom of speech is not celebrated here. It is under attack relentlessly.

Much of our politics, especially in this state, and the media are corrupt to the core.


It’s one of the reasons many true red-blooded Americans have fled New Jersey for other states where they feel freer.

Freer to defend themselves to defend their point of view and defend their way of life.

This radio station was built and founded on the power of the people's voice to push back against the government and those in power.


Why stay in New Jersey?

It’s heartbreaking and sickening to see what’s happened to this state.

It’s a great place with many truly great people but unfortunately, the politicians and their allies in the media have broken it, perhaps beyond repair.

I like many others agree to stay because it’s our home.

But if you’re not free to speak your mind in your own home, there is a time when you reach a breaking point and have to get out.

For many people, that time has already come. Some of us are willing to stick it out and fight.

Others just go along to get along and tune out all the noise of the nonsense swirling around them.

This radio station was built and founded on the power of the people's voice to push back against the government and those in power.

Some of us are willing to dig our heels in and continue that fight.

Others may choose to go along to get along. We all still have freedom of choice.

Just for some of us, the choices make life a little more difficult to bear here in our beloved state of New Jersey.

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