Gamblers in New Jersey seem to have taken a page from Gov. Chris Christie's book by leaving the state.

(By:Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Sport)

We've been weighing the pros and cons of building a casino in the Meadowlands, but the success of this venture ultimately depends on whether people will actually visit the location. Competition from nearby New York City and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania represent a growing marketplace from which Garden State consumers can choose, and leave us wondering whether a casino in North Jersey would make matters better for our state.

Several callers said that although they don't gamble much, they'd be more inclined to visit the Meadowlands than Atlantic City because it's easier to reach. One caller also suggested a casino in the Meadowlands could thrive during the football season if sports fans stopped by for additional entertainment after watching a game.

Would a casino in the Meadowlands keep you from going outside New Jersey to gamble? Let us know in the poll and comments section below.