Chickens are one thing. Wolves are another.

Just like the tiger lady of Jackson had issues with the township, one wolf spent the day wandering around in Linden.

Police spent part of Monday tracking a lone wolf in the city, Detective Lt. James Sarnicki said.

The wolf, one of three owned by a Rahway resident, was captured mid-afternoon by animal control officers in Roselle, Sarnicki said.

Initially thought to be a wolf or coyote, Sarnicki said that the animal was “too big” to be a coyote. Police were informed that all three wolves had escaped their confines in the Rahway residence, he said.

(This is comforting to know!)

“Two of them returned to Rahway and just one was left wandering around the city,” he said. “Some people tried to chase him or take his photograph, but we were asking people not to do that. The last thing we wanted was an injured animal because he was chased. That would have been worse to have an injured wolf around town.”

Sarnicki said the wolf “appeared docile” and police did not think residents were in danger.

“We were tracking the wolf,” he said. “He was not aggressive. We followed him into Roselle.”

Linden animal control officers intended to bring the wolf to an animal shelter before returning the animal to its owner.

Additionally, public schools were not placed on lockdown, public schools Assistant Superintendent Danny Robertozzi said.

“At one point, when the wolf wandered near the schools, the question came up whether or not we should place the schools on lockdown,” Sarnicki said. “But, he quickly moved away from the area.”

Docile though it may be, you don’t know that from looking at it. After all, is it “Two Socks” from “Dances with Wolves?”

Don’t you think it could cause public alarm getting out? And the fact that three of them got out has to be a bit disconcerting, I would think.

Do wild animals such as wolves belong in highly populated areas of the state?